Sunday, 19 February 2017

All dressed up

Bill Johnson to Machemeh Kromah
You may rest assured that people like this hipster in his fancy attire are forever in the habit of trying to convince other people that they speak the truth all day and everyday, what they are doing in fact is deceiving you, they are also making big time fools of you.
What experience does this man have of actually raising children himself by taking care of tiny babies and infants and guiding youngsters to accept other people for their strength’s and their weaknesses this charlatan is far too busy making money by telling others how they should live their lives to be able to have that kind of experience.
Also what law abiding respectable people do and how they live their lives is nothing whatsoever to do with him or anyone else for that matter. 
Why does he find it necessary to speak of other people sex live’s? Is it because he’s probably suffering from some deep sex driven psychological problem that’s generated by him having a guilty secret hidden from everyone and therefore finds it difficult to accept the fact that he’s maybe gay himself?
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