Friday, 10 February 2017

Slaves of Islam

Asif Saied to Bill Johnson
"Like any other piece of merchandise he owned" In Islam it is frowned upon to keep slaves, but if you do, you must treat the slave as a human being, and give the slave housing, food, water, and clothes. This is different from the american slave trade for example because blacks were actually treated as tools instead of people.
Having sex without consent with a person that the right hand possesses... I have not educated myself on the topic enough to give you an answer. I know for a fact however that Muhammad did not have "hundreds of slaves". He disliked slavery and was too poor to own slaves anyway. He had servants however, but they would submit to him without muhammad asking. It appears that the majority of your argument comes from thereligionofpeace. Keep in mind that that site is anti-islamic and always takes ayaat out of context to manipulate to promote their own agenda. All those claims that he was a war barbarian or had hundreds of slaves are bullshit, and are not mentioned anywhere in the hadeeth.