Saturday, 11 February 2017

Asking me to leave!

Bill Johnson to david gta
 Asking me to ‘leave’ Islam/religion because I don’t believe in it and what it stands for is the equivalent to asking me to stop reading a book of poems, or a novel based on a fictitious group of people living in a fictitious town, or watching a science fiction film or even a cartoon, just because I don’t believe in something doesn’t me I cannot have an interest in it.
By doing what you say would achieve nothing, in fact to turn a blind eye to something in the hope of avoiding the unpleasantries of life is foolish in much the same way as it’s foolish not to partake in the pleasures of life.
What religion do I believe in?
Well I thought that would be obvious, nobody will ever convince me that there is some sort of an infinite God that created the Universe, there is no rationally minded human being and I say this in all sincerity who can in all honesty say they know without doubt that there is a God, and whenever I chance to meet people who will swear there is an all powerful God then I know that if they are not mentally ill and are of  sound mind, that they are lying.