Sunday, 19 February 2017


Bill Johnson to Aamina Shahana
This man is known to be an openly homophobic Islamic toe-rag, so you are wrong to say otherwise.
It was in 2013 that he was prohibited from speaking at several Universities in the United Kingdom by the initial actions of the Students Union who found his views to be unacceptable and grossly offensive.
And then at a later date he had the audacity to say’s it’s ‘a misguided notion’ and that he is not at all homophobic.
But then what do you expect from a man who makes a living travelling the world peddling division, hate, lies and misconceptions to people who by virtue of their faith have no choice in many cases but to attend these bigoted lectures because they have been so brainwashed since childhood into believing in a religion that loves pain and punishment all spouted out with glee by these popinjay type of so called Islamic scholars who just love to hear their own voices when they preach to their ill-informed audience’s that have been so bamboozled by this religious nonsense that’s  so firmly ingrained into their psyche that they feel they are compelled to listen to what this type of con-men and their ilk ramble on about, and the majority of the audience also believe they must accept what is said by these charlatans without question.  
Anyway, if God was the creator of all things that are in the Heavens above, and in the Earth below, and it’s wrong be gay then why did God bother to create these people gay in the first place?
How do you know that its against God’s laws to be gay?
What do you think should happen to gay’s?
Where does all your knowledge of God come from?
How often do you repent to God?
Don’t waste your time it’s all a lot of balderdash.
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