Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Religion is not necessary

Bill Johnson - comment
The biased and prejudiced views about life and the assumed promise of a life hereafter was originally presented by men of little or no learning, to men of little or no learning, all of them raised within tribal cultures that were based on pagan superstition and idol worship, they were fed tales of sacrifice, death, wars and destruction, about good and bad Angels, about Devils, Saints, Martyrs and a certain Prophet who was given instructions by an Angel while he was asleep and told to read, but he could’t read, you would have thought a messenger from God would have known that he couldn’t read before he asked.
Isn’t it amazing that even in today’s modern world there are so many people who still actually believe in all these stories, they don’t realise they have been completely hoodwinked and thoroughly brainwashed, they are slaves to their religion it demands that they get down on their knees in obeisance and supplication, belittling and humiliating themselves in an act of degradation, they have also been taught to believe that they were born in sin and that they are miserable despicable sinners in the eyes of God, and to gain redemption for these sins that they have been born with they must live a life of submission, fear and gratitude to please this God who they believe created them, and if they dare to disbelieve they will damned, and cast into the dark shadows of Hell to be tormented by pain and loneliness for all eternity.
Some people do escape the clutches of the Priests, the Mullahs, Rabbi’s and Soothsayers and other purveyors of superstitious religious nonsense.   
Humans beings will only be true masters of their fate when science is able to eventually convince future generations that all this religious Hocus-Pocus is nothing more and nothing less than a derivative of Pagan ritual that was practiced thousands of years ago by ignorant people who didn’t know any better.
Now with the pace that science and technology are advancing it will without doubt allow  future generations the chance to cast off this burdensome yolk of superstitious religious dogma without any feelings of guilt or shame and become one with reality, a reality that will be presented to them every day by the wonders of nature that are driven by the creative forces of the Universe.
The unforgivable thing about religion is that it spreads far more evil than any good it creates.