Thursday, 9 February 2017

Segregation in Religion

Bill Johnson to Asif Saied
Like I said in the original comment, segregation is deeply rooted in religious culture, furthermore religion is by it very existence extremely divisive.
What’s the difference between a woman who is not a relative to one who is that makes them unclean?
What is it that contaminates a human by just touching another human, that they need to cleanse themselves?
You said there are exceptions and that its OK to touch whoever it is they need to touch when it involves their employment, well in that case maybe it was originally introduced to allow the Muslim/Arab slave owners the satisfaction of checking out their merchandise.
If this verse means ‘touching’ only applies to adults then it must have deep sexual connotations.
Don’t you in all honesty think it’s a nonsensical rule that commands a person to go and wash themselves just because they have touched a stranger…or maybe you would like to expand on the word touch.