Monday, 13 February 2017

Right question - Wrong answer

Bill Johnson to Skillasz 
I dont expect an answer to this question…Skillasz do you know what an exclamation mark is? Also Skillasz if you ask me a question then what I would do is reply to that question with an answer that was relevant to it, and you fail to do so. All you do is reply to a question with a lot of pointless flannel, I have to say your replies have placed you firmly on the top shelf of stupidity. But I dont expect you to be alone on the stupid shelf because there you will find I am sure others who also fail to grasp the fundamentalities of life, the believers in religious superstitious claptrap. Skillasz, religion is fundamentally evil, it is evil to the very core, it is a gamut of cruelty and depravity, the instigator of mass murder and persecution, the dealer in death and destruction, yet all those who believe in it and follow its varied teachings still continue to do gross immoral depraved and disgusting things to other human beings and they justify this immorality by telling you it is at the command of their invisible overlord. O you who have believed, do not ask about things which if they are shown to you will distress you. 5:101