Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Israel and Palestine

Bill Johnson - comment…this is an earlier comment I made with a late response from Silent Assassin.
The main obstacle to peace is the Palestinians themselves, it is a well known fact that they always reject peace proposals with the refusal to recognise even the existence of Israel.
The enemies of Israel call for the elimination of the whole of Israel, civilians on a daily basis face rockets that are launched at Israeli civilian targets, and when Israel offers a Palestinian state, the Israeli request for peace is alway followed by more and more mortar and rockets attacks going at full rattle with a call for Jihad and genocide.
The Arab world does not seek peace all it wants is the annihilation of the Jewish people.

Silent Assassin to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson no we do not we want our land back. As the guy said who gave Britain the right to give some one else's country away? And I am 100% against the rocket attacks but Israel blows them WAY out of proportion for example in the last conflict rocket attacks killed 50 Israeli civilians/military (and I am 1000% against violence and condemn hamas) and Israel killed thousands of Palestinians and targeted hospitals, UK refugee camps, and closely packed city quarters where they knew that they would be killing civilians. Hamas and Israel both have committed war crimes but everyone knows hamas is a terrorist organization, and no one condemns Israel.