Saturday, 11 February 2017

I don’t hate Muslims

Bill Johnson to SemutHitman
I don’t hate Muslims, many Muslim people are kind, considerate and intelligent people who are spread around the world practicing medicine, exploring science, and helping their neighbours to the best of their ability, millions of them all each one different from the other in so many ways, different colour, different nationalities, born speaking different languages, I would have thought most of them are not able to understand or speak the Arabic language, but we cannot blame all of the people, most are born into their religion and a choice is something they have never had.
But religion is the root cause of most of the wars that have occurred throughout history, and it’s obviously not just about Islam, it’s also about the Pagan religions, Judean and the Christian religions, they are all equally to blame because of their antagonism towards each other.
But you must also admit that strict Orthodox Islam will never be at peace with people of different faiths, and neither will they ever accept unbelievers to be their equals.
Ask any Imman… is it right to amputate some part of a human beings body as a form of punishment?
Do they condone flogging, crucifixion, beheading and burning alive to be humane punishments?
Do they accept that death is the appropriate punishment for apostasy?
There are so many questions that religion does not have a moral answer for.
Peace to you and your family and friends.