Monday, 20 February 2017

NO no no...

Sanela Ernin to Bill Johnson
No no no,thats not true what you talking about,snd you also trying and you do say that God is not fair,He is unjustice,Bad,and this is the thought of every disbeliever,wrongdoer,and so on,but if you like it that way do it, you have approximaltly 90 years of your life so after that,angel will come,take your soul,judgement day will come,but when you see the angel the first thing that you willsay is ,my Lord,Im alive again and everything the stupid muslims have told me is truth! Now im done,and listen carefully now,there will not be a comeback for people like you are now,only hell for those who didnt live there lifes as Islam orders,its Gods religion,so i have a good idea for you,you just wait a we(muslims) also wait,and lets see whats gona happen