Wednesday, 1 February 2017

One sided report

Bill Johnson - comment
Here we go again, the bleeding hearts, ‘It’s because I’m a Muslim’, the pathetic wailing of ‘I am a victim’.
Also the nonsensical absurdities of the claim that it’s all Islamophobia is also thrown into the mix for good measure.
But I do agree with what many other people have said and that is if this ban is to screen for terrorists and those undesirables that lurk amongst us …Then why are those countries who are suspected supporters of terrorism not included on the list?  
I expect the answer to that question is plainly obvious to most politicians though.
But for some jounalist's  to try and give the impression that this travel and entry restriction to the United States is a detriment to the whole of the world’s Muslim population is ridiculous and a flagrant lie.
This so called news report circumvents some the facts, it’s plainly biased and amounts to nothing more than a one sided bigoted rant.