Thursday, 2 February 2017

Name callers!

Bill Johnson - comment
The majority of all those protesting lefties we see probably haven’t done anything that can be called constructively positive most of their lives but have now found that character assassination of someone democratically elected is an easy target that they can get their teeth into. If you ask them…
What’s your reasons for protesting?
What do you hope to achieve from the protest?
What evidence do you have to justify protesting against the person or persons, religion or government that your protest is aimed at?
In reply from some protesters you’re likely to get a mouthful of abuse because most will not have a prepared reply and in their consternation they may well be so flummoxed that their minds may not be able to supply a quick and justifiable response to your question because they have no viable evidence to back up their claims for protesting and cannot react quickly enough to answer the questions you ask them thus leaving themselves without the ability to provide a justifiable answer to the question’s you ask, so in return you’re liable to receive a host of derogatory remarks by telling you that you’re a fascist, misogynist or an Islamophobic racist or words to that effect, then maybe after a while when they have calmed down at bit and stopped slagging you off and finally gathered their wit’s they will probably have the audacity to say that they are protesting on principle and on firm moral grounds.
These lefties don’t like you to be asking too many questions, but what they do try to do is constantly change the subject if possible by verbaly attacking people on a personal basis in the hope of evading any difficult question’s.