Monday, 6 February 2017

Qur’an - Verse 5:6

Bill Johnson - comment
Woman are seen to be impure and unclean, Qur’an verse 5:6 “ If you have had contact with a woman, then go clean your face and hands” Segregation of the sexes is deeply rooted in the monotheistic religions it is all too clear for everyone to see that even more so within Islamic communities.  Thankfully there are so many Muslims who are living and have been born in mainly western countries who are now beginning to see the light of day and rejecting all this hideous religious nonsense that they have been forcibly raised to believe in since their infancy. Many of them have now kicked this religious addiction that parents or guardians forced upon them, because they now recognise all this religious claptrap that they’ve been continuously bombarded with and boringly recited to willy-nilly almost every day by these so-called scholarly Mullas is a waste of time. Those people with more clarity of mind were the one’s who first realised that God and religion was for nothing, and that all it did for them was to leave them chasing the wind. So they have decided enough is enough and made their escape from its debilitating clutches and sought and at last found the freedom they yearned for, their unrelenting search for happiness through religion in pursuit of their dreams is now over, after all that’s what religion is…its just dreams.