Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Presidents opponents

Bill Johnson - comment
The United States under the Obama administration have for a long time been in acute danger of dropping the ball once more and getting caught off guard by the extremist Islamic supremacists that are still at large they are still a predominant threat in the whole of Europe and the U.S. at the moment, but thankfully Obamas is now gone and the real genuine hard working people of the United States are not sorry to see him go, and they have now elected a new President, one who supports the patriots and the hard working people, these are just ordinary every day people who knew perfectly well that Obama was a well known appeaser of the Muslim world.
Obama said “Islam has a proud tradition tolerance” he also said “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer” now there is nothing wrong with those quotes really, but to be fare those two quotes actually speak volumes regarding Obamas feelings and support for the Islamic world. 
What matters now are all the people of the United States  they are what is important to the new President, the true defenders of the American nation, not the so called protesters you see reported in the media waving those obscene and absolutely disgusting  placards and posters, they are an utter disgrace to themselves and their families and the U.S. and democracy.
Don’t spare any pity for those Political opponents of President Trump they tried every dirty trick in the book to try and defeat him, and some are still trying even now to try and get their grubby hands on some sort of scandal to try and upstage him and hopefully bring him down because if they don’t their own miserable skins will be at stake, but they know perfectly well they are up against a formidable opponent in this President, a man who’s open to any challenge they may wish to throw at him, so they might just as well pack it all in and surrender and accept their inglorious defeat. 
But I expect their in a panic, frantic and desperate they may even turn on each other just like rats in a sack would do in the hope of escape, or at least to delay their inevitable fate, but it matters not because these political gamblers know the games up they already knew the consequences  that failure wold bring them before they even started, but that’s the risk they took and they backed the wrong horse in the election, and now like all failed gambles there is a price to pay, they know they have already been clearly earmarked by the administration for disposal of sorts when the time comes for the President to drain the swamp.