Thursday, 9 February 2017

The spoils of war

Bill Johnson to Asif Saied
Is is not also written in the Qur’an /Hadiths/Suras that women if they are taken capture during a battle or after the conquest of an enemy, then they are considered to be the spoils of war, and can be used accordingly?
The Qur’an clearly states to all those who wish to read the Holy books that Muslims can buy slaves or claim them to be the bounty of war. 
You must know that Muhammad and his companions had hundreds of slaves, both male and female, he sold slaves, he bought slaves, exchanged slaves had sex with slaves and bartered them and used them just like any other piece of merchandise he owned.
In the context of war...when women become what the ‘right hand possessed’ it acceptable for a male believer of the Islamic faith  to have sex with a captured woman without her consent?
And does the teachings of Islam excuse the cleansing of hands and face after the initial ‘touching’ and then the eventual rape of a captured woman?