Sunday, 12 March 2017

A political ideology...

Bill Johnson - comment
Isn’t it obvious there’s something terribly wrong with Islam?
Explain to me why people in the Islamic world are on a regular basis publicly executed by stoning, decapitation, shooting, or simply being strung up from mobile cranes in public squares for having violated some Islamic code?
People who permit and carry out these violent atrocious acts of murder upon other human beings in the name of religious tolerance are dyed in the wool sadistic psychopaths.
Explain all the countless daily terrorist attacks that happen around the world in the name of Islam?
People of the Islamic faith and it’s supporters are blatant liars when they claim that these murderous attacks on innocent men woman and children are carried out by just a few radicals who misuse their Islamic religion, they cannot justify such an idiotic claim when there’s countless millions of them who support the so called martyrs who believe that murder is acceptable and that the self-sacrifice that they impose upon themselves along with the slaughter of innocent people will get them a free ticket into paradise?
How stupid can you get?
Stupid yes! but Islam is also a dangerous and insane totalitarian ideology, and those who surrender to its commands simply surrender their life to another person’s political ideology, an ideology that demands total submission and obeisance in every aspect of their lives, their rulers have only one aim and that is to create a master race, leaving the ignorant umma blindly submitting themselves to medieval tradition and living in perpetual fear and enslavement that stunts their individuality, outlaws their freedom of speech and expression and make’s them unable to think for themselves with any rationality.
Unless they evolve they will always be at odds with western societies and therefor never able to totally integrate because most of them insist on following Islamic Sharia law to the letter, and many still continue to advocate the covering up of females in burkas and hijabs, it will be generations before they are rid of this religious madness and finally embrace western liberal values.