Friday, 17 March 2017

Natural things...

Chris Saxton to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson the source of ALL natural things is the do you miss such things? 
CREATOR is superior to ALL creation and all things - God/satan has engineered....I KNOW God and satan are one - they BOTH demand worship and BOTH rule by causing terror/fear....this is NOT the CREATOR.what does anyone want to LOVE the CREATOR for? are you mad? HE gave us the gift of LIFE.
an impossiblity away? - you know nothing.... the CREATOR is inside of all the LIFE-FORMS HE created....HE IS - THE LIFE.
satan makes/builds nothingness, when he mocks/mimics/copies the CREATOR....all his 'life'-forms are machines....the machine-world - it is nothing but dead/death/artificial/illusion....the world you live still don't understand and never will....unlearn....go back to being a child....if you cannot LOVE you are already dead....