Thursday, 16 March 2017

Petty nothingness

Chris Saxon to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson it's NOT ACCOUNTABLE TO YOU.ha! don't you see, this is YOUR problem....because while YOU have this 'is acceptable/is not acceptable'.... no one else gives a shit!!! this is YOUR programming.this is what you must rid yourself of to see what I am telling you about.this is why you can never ACCEPT ANYTHING NEW.... there IS A CREATOR....I and others have ‘spoken' with HIM, although it is more like - information downloaded....the last part of your question sounds like you're having a stroke....the CREATOR is what HE is - for always.... we were given a choice to be positive or negative in our environment. good or evil - as you put it.....(also I think you have no intentions of change and love your stubborn arguments about petty nothingness).