Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Bill Johnson to Mehmood Ahmed
Mehmood Ahmed, Iraq attacked Iran and invaded Kuwait, they also used chemical weapons against the Kurds, Islam was responsible for the slaughter of millions of people in India, and history tells us that multiple invasions of Afghanistan have taken place.
The United States retaliated and invaded Afghanistan because of 9/11 that’s pretty obvious, I never said that I agreed with it or the west’s invasion of Iraq, or Libya.
Afghanistan with it’s history of war and poverty, discrimination and turmoil is just like India and many other countries in the area mainly caused by the incursion of Islam, wherever Islam leaves it’s mark you find religious/political intolerance that always breeds violence and exploitation.
With regards a God I don’t know if there is one and neither do you or anyone else for that matter…so who care’s?
What adult members of my family do is their business. 
You say ‘wait till I leave the world and never get the chance to come back’ what kind of foolishness is that?
By saying that your taking no chances is just like saying you have great doubts about whether there is a God or not. 
Do you expect me to take you serious when you accept superstitious codswallop that’s written in a book by ignoramuses’s who believed that the earth was flat.