Friday, 19 May 2017

Assumptions and Maybe’s

Mehmood Ahmed to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson you make to many Assumption and "maybe " I never said the person in charge must be obayed if he is wrong , he should be corrected in an good manner.  I don't blame you Most athias read what's not written and always assume things. 
The question of 9/11 there's no conclusive conclusion nothing ties up . 
Did they not find a passport  conveniently. 
I also never say you afraid of answering my questions you give the expression you skitsofrenic. 
What kind of a statement is "chosen people is for the bird (skitsofrenic definitely ) the creator for the birds . 
The choice is yours if you want to see black is white or white is gray it's your choice.  
I affarm I am a Muslim and I hope and pray I die as one I think this is  were we depart because our thinking is world's  apart . 
One day you will grow old hopefully  gracefully  you will  die and you will be alone in your own very dark grave . 
And you will answer for every second spent  on this gods good earth why don't you get a hole dug and hire a kofen and spend just one night from sun rise to sun set JUST TO GET THE  FEEL OF IT.    
thank you 

Bill Johnson to Mehmood Ahmed 
Mehmood Ahmed, you wrote in one of your comments that ‘person in charge calls the shorts (Shots) weather those under him likes it or not’, you can only mean one thing when you make a comment like that and that is, whoever is calling the shots must and will be obeyed.
You also said I had not commented on your five points, I agree you did not say I was afraid to answer those ‘points’, so go ahead and ask them again in numerical order, and then at least it should become more clear with what it is you are trying to express.
I thought you would have known the meaning of ‘it’s for the birds’ in years gone by when transport was mostly by horse, the undigested oats and other undigested food excreted by these animals was usually referred to by saying ‘It’s for the bird’s.