Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Mehmood Ahmed to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson as for the hereafter  I firmly believe in it why simple 
Let's say  bill was and always abused by John  and poor bill wanted justice he goes to the justice department for justice  not knowing John has the justice department in his pocket because of his corrupt nature and bill fails to get justice and dies with out justice  is that the end 
No that's not the end bill will get his justice in the hereafter by the owner of the universe who warns in 5:33. I thank you. 

Bill Johnson to Mehmood Ahmed
There is so much contradiction in religion that it’s laughable, one minute God is loving, kind and forgiving and the next minute God is a tyrant who will punish and bring everlasting torment to those who don’t love and obey, all nonsense.
And by the way the Universe is claimed by the Catholic’s, I believe it’s a newspaper.