Saturday, 6 May 2017

If that’s what you believe

qash maz to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson​​ yes we believe God can do anything... but he cannot do things that are not Godly.

Bill Johnson to qash maz
If that is what you believe then you must also accept that the God you believe in is therefor not infinitely powerful and did not create everything.

qash maz to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson​ I'm sorry but you're wrong when you talk about the Quran as well. It doesn't have this "depravity or murder" that you talk about. These are other religions.
The truth stands out clear from error. Where are you getting your information from? Have you actually read the Quran and understood it? It doesn't look like it.
Moreover religion doesnt cause wars. Political agendas do...
If you're an atheist then where do you get your absolute morality from?