Sunday, 7 May 2017

Pagans mental capacity

Mehmood Ahmed to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson It was not ALLAH that was worshipped  by the pagans  They worshipped idols  
About 360 of them as they God.  Why? because of the same reason of the silly things you did as a little child.  Why because you never knew then what you think you know now.why ' as a child your mental capacity was not developed . The pagans mental capacity was so backwards that they use to  bury they girl children alive.  It was Islam that cleared all of this madness .which still exists today like your devil worshiping cult and sueside cult and human worshiping cult e. C. T.  Today there is only peace in mecca and madina no country comes close to the peace there    so thro your preadejece aside and get your facts right. Did you know that  science  takes u turn. The  holy quran will never ever go against any established scientific fact.

This book THE HOLY QURAN IS A STRAIGHT FORWARD ,EXPLICIT, CONCENTRATED  BOOK WHICH SCIENCE IS STILL TAKING LESSON FROM. there hundreds of examples  my advice again is Read the holy quran with understanding  I thank you. And as for the wtc  there is to much of evidence that it was an inside job or its  a licence to invade Afghanistan its more clear today   of what's going on there this you need not to be a rocket scientists to figure this out  do your own research by using your brain a superpower and a backwards nation. convenient