Friday, 26 May 2017

Election 2017

Bill Johnson
Potential Labour voters abandon your dugouts, the brightest sparks amongst you already know what the ultimate outcome of this   general election will be, need I say a Conservative victory.
And it doesn’t matter whether Jeremy does something stupid or not because the die has already been cast and all the wishful thinking in the world will not turn the tide and save Labour from the oncoming ignominious defeat.

Bewar3them00n to Bigrunner

Marangaranga to Bill Johnson
You are almost certainly correct, but so what?
Labour has already pressed the Tories on a number of issues and they have backed down. Labour is (finally!) having a go at trying to change the public political narrative. That's still worth pushing for even if the makeup of the house were pre-ordained.

springdale to Bill Johnson
You still don't get it do you? Tory hubris has got you here. A 20% drop in the Tory lead caused by the stupidity of the Tory party. It is looking like smears, slogans and polls really are not enough. 28% of people asked say they won't vote Tory due to the Dementia tax.

Carlb1501 to Bill Johnson
Not one labour voter thought Labour could win outright, highly unlikely when jackals masquerading as journalists spread so much lies, However, with the Tories shooting themselves in the foot and the polls tightening a coalition of good against the bankers, sorry Tories I meant (same thing) could happen. For the sake of the country lets hope so.

packc47 to Bill Johnson
I don't care, the party activists and Corbyn have worked flat out. There will be no shame or blame even if we don't win. I suspect the Tory donors will expect Crosby to come out with something to scupper us on June 7th, but I don't care. We are fighting a good fight and I'm proud to be Labour member today.

WallyWillage to Bill Johnson
In a mousey voice "And will this wind be so mighty as to level the very hill we sit upon?"
Apologies to Pete and Dud.
algae64 to Bill Johnson
The gap is closing.

JonathonWeatherbill to springdale
They will have forgotten about that by voting day. Theresa is a wonderful woman and will rival Margaret Thatcher as the best UK prime minister after Churchill and Tony Blair.