Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Indian Famine

qashj max to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson​​​ with regards to India, it seems you have quite a twisted understanding of the reality of what the British empire did in India. You really have some audacity to try and suggest the British rule was somehow good for India. This claim alone would piss many Indians off. The majority of the Indians despise you for it. The famines you speak of were manmade famines. Have a read of a book called "the inglorious empire". He refers to the British colonial rule saying, 'Britain destroyed India through looting, expropriation and outright theft, all conducted in a spirit of deep racism and immoral cynicism'. 
You have a skewed sense of reality  about things to do with your own past, so I'm not surprised to see how delusional you were when you spoke about Islam in your OP.