Thursday, 4 May 2017

Britain in India

Bill Johnson to qash max
qash max, don’t jump to conclusions I never suggested that Britain was good for India, also the many famine’s of India were not man made, they were caused by the failure of the monsoons, but man’s part in the disaster did exacerbate the famine by the selfish greed of officials and farmers who grew inedible crops instead of sustainable food. If you want to comment on British rule in India there are some very important instances that were very good for India, the practice of burning a widow with her dead husband was made illegal, the banning of female infanticide was implemented, and slavery was also made illegal, although it probably still goes on. Even today there remains child labour in India and the surrounding countries, its endemic in their industry and agriculture, yet they boast of their nuclear weapons while at the same time still accepting aid from the United Kingdom and Europe. You did not express any opinion about Islam and it’s politics, making you comment incomplete shallow rhetoric.