Saturday, 6 May 2017

Shirk in Islam

Ryan Khan to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson Shirk in Islam
Allah is the only ilah (god). There is no ilah other than Him. This belief is called "Tawheed". Tawheed is the main basis of Islam, and is the most important subject.
Those who violate Tawheed and have shirk in their belief are called "mushrik".
A mushrik may accept that Allah is the greatest of all, and may pray to Allah; but that's not enough to be a Mumin (believer in the safe line). In order to be a Mumin, one must accept Allah as vahid (only one, with no partners, all are done by Him).
The main problem between Islam and Christianity is that, the Christians believe that Allah has a son. This is shirk in Islam, and is not acceptable.
Shirk is the greatest sin. Allah says that He will not forgive the sin of shirk.