Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The palm of your hand

Mehmood Amhed to Bill Johnson
¤¤¤¤¤PROVEN FACTS BEHIND OUR TWO PALMS¤¤¤¤¤ Spread your left hand palm ,you will see the number 81(۸١) written in Arabic Spread your right hand palm, you will see the number 18(١۸) written in Arabic . Now : Add 81(٨١) and 18 (١۸), gives you 99,THE TOTAL NUMBER OF NAMES OF ALLAH IN QU’RAN Subtract 18 from 81, gives 63, THE TOTAL YEARS OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD (saw) LIVED IN THIS EARTH . If you multiply the two digits of 99 i.e., 9x9 it will return you your left palm number 81 If you multiply the two digits of 63 i.e., 6x3 it will return you your right palm number 18. If you reverse the digits of 81 it will give you 18. If you reverse the digits of 18 it will give you 81 . The common denominator of 81 and 18 is 3 and 9 . Now lets see what numbers they give after division : 81/3 = 27 and 81/9 = 9 : Qu’ran revealed on 27th day of 09th month of Arabic calendar (Lunar) 18/3 = 6 and 18/9 = 2 : In Qu’ran chapter 6 and just after verse 6 ALLAH spoke about the proof of the revelation to Muhammad (saw) by citing the example as such given in their HANDS . In 2 places (2:97 and 97:1) ALLAH mentioned the month(Ramadan) and date (Night of Qadar, i.e.,27th of Ramadan) If you multiply 81 and 18 it is (81x18) 1458. According to the Julian calendar and Hijri year exactly 1458 hijri years passed from the date of Muhammad’s (saw) birth (570 AD) till 2007 (The year when this mystery of human palms has discovered ) . Just write the digits of 81 and 18 serially : 8 1 1 8 . Now add 8+1+1+8 = 18 . Now what so especial about 18 . In Qu’ran chapter 18 , verse 18 has mentioned something about RIGHT SIDE and LEFT SIDE . In Bible deutronomy , chapter 18 , verse 18 GOD prophesied to MOSES(as) that HE will send a prophet like MOSES (saw) who would come from his brethren (i.e., from the lineage of Ishmael) . He was the last prophet MUHAMMAD (saw) . That is the main mystery of 18 in our hand. I urge my sisters and brothers to #Share_this. Hope so many Known but undiscovered mysteries will be discovered.Insha Allah.