Thursday, 15 June 2017

Actual observation...

Chris Saxton to Bill Johnson
Bill 'the buggerman' Johnson you have concluded wrong....this is NOT about what you believe, if it is with an OPEN MIND....the trouble begins with people who are TOTALLY inflexible because they have allowed daemonic mind~parasites to feed from them in return for FALSE security the parasite then presents itself and lives it's life through the person it has attached to, these beings are earth-bound spirits NOT HUMANS they are easy to spot....
straight away, you're at it again, blaming others NOT YOURSELF, YOU LOST CONFIDENCE in yourself, your ambitions, dreams you allowed yourself to be PROGRAMMED to toe the line, and it is NOT fine by you, is it? or you would have a more open mind and NOT try to persuade people there is only what YOU SEE, parasite camouflaging itself, you are terrified that REALITY as you know it, is NOT REAL if you deny this illusion it's REAL-NESS, you are breaking the hold of these parasites who are ALSO NOT connected to the CREATOR,  at least RESEARCH, the subject you are spouting about and this is the one SUBJECT in the world that if you fuck up you pay dearly
you have no idea what M.I.B are....LOOK THEM UP, NUMBNUTS ....look them up....
did any of your teachers ever  hang themselves? you are PARTIALLY, WORKING YOUR are CONTROLLED and told what to believe, what to say, what to do  but YOU HAVE TO WANT IT THIS WAY, or they AREN'T allowed to do it....break the hold of the monkey-mind, the first you've heard about you being programmed? there you go - supply additional information....? I have been doing that for two thirds of ( 2 5 3 ) comments - and telling YOU to do your own RESEARCH....I hope you are taking the piss.... that at least shows you are ALIVE, in some capacity....if not - you are a tare. a mimic. 
Factory human drone...a hologram that will be switched off with this illusion.... if you don't rouse yourself from this delirium.

Bill Johnson to Chris Saxton
Like I have mentioned previously Chris, those people who have strong beliefs and possess a belief that can only be described to be supernatural, then it’s these type of people like the character in the video who should be able to provide proof by actual observations and scientific verifiable-evidence to support their claims, otherwise it’s just not acceptable, and will never be acceptable to the more enlightened.
But of course I should mention that there must be an exception allowed, and that exception is to those people who have been reared from childhood or indoctrinated at some later date in their development into some sort of religious faith or cult.
So when these people who are expressing a belief to another person or possibly an audience via the media and are just using simple faith with nothing else to support their argument, you will always find that what happens when they are strongly questioned on their belief is that they may sometime become obtrusively objectionable toward you.
If the question to them is about the faith that they adhere to and that question is not to their liking, then they will reach desperately for a ‘get-out-card’ or so they think it’s a ‘get out card’, because all this action achieves is to exposes them even more, because its their last chance and in a panic they begin to reject logic and reason even more than before, and with the help of blatant lies and distortion to back them up they will continue to go on-and-on-and-on disregarding the fact’s that the natural world and ancient and modern scientific discoveries can provide, and so they begin to implode, and the absurdity goes on, and the replies they continue to give repeatedly are dismal and get so very easily unraveled by the questionnaire 
So when it finally dawn’s on the believers that they’ve failed to succeed in gaining the confidence and acceptance of the questionnaire with their insipid replies to the questions that had been asked, they suddenly find it extremely difficult to respond in a reasonable courteous and sensible manner to whoever it is that’s questioning them, so they continue to dig a hole for themselves so embarrassingly large that the only thing they can revert to are insults, and it’s even been known that violence may occur at times due to the frustration and anger they are not able to control.