Monday, 5 June 2017

Admit you have an ego...

Bill Johnson to Chris Saxton
Chris, you admit you have an ego Chris, and your ego was hurt and you got back up again, those are your own words, you said you cannot have common sense and an ego, but by getting back up and building up your ego to the best of your ability you are by definition rejecting common sense.
I have no reason to believe in interdimensional beings, but I have heard tales that they can enter your mind and they creep like snakes, that they make the rooms stink, they also howl like packs of hounds, and rumours abound that they can pass over and through the highest walls and they are able to go from house to house and there isn’t a door that can shut them out, and no bolts or chains will ever stop them from entering.
So don’t you think it’s rather odd that these extra terrestrials or interdimensional being that so many people like to tell us they believe in, when if they are honest with themselves will know these things don’t even exist and that they have never existed.
But lets say for arguments sake they do exist I think their treatment of me is deplorable after I went to all the trouble to invite them and this is how they treat me, the ungrateful curs.