Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Some will think that questioning religion is inherently intolerant

Bill Johnson
I expect the very act of questioning religion is inherently intolerant to some people but I think we should cut to the chase, the truth is anyone with any knowledge of what the real world is all about knows that all these video’s are just a parody of religious nonsense produced by Foxy tricksters, Priest’s, Rabbi’s and Mullah’s and those of a similar stripe who must continue their deceptive lifestyle if they want to maintain any credibility, otherwise they would have to find a proper job to earn an honest shilling.
Millions of people have been brainwashed by all this religious tomfoolery, these victims continue to struggle through life with heads full of fantasy believing that if by grovelling and humiliating themselves in a posture of abject obeisance there will be some kind of heavenly father who after their death is going to greet them at the pearly gates with a loving fatherly embrace. 
It’s all totally absurd religious hogwash that’s been stuffed into peoples heads day after day over the years and can only be described to be an intrusion of a persons individuality, for generation after generation vulnerable children have been fed  this religious baloney that creates dire feelings of guilt and shame, unfortunately some people my suffer serious episodes of intellectual malfunction causing them to forsake the world of reality for a world of make believe, bewilderment and confusion that was originally inflicted upon them by dogmatic incorrigible religious fanatics.