Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Between the ears...

Chris Saxton to Bill Johnson
Bill 'THE' buggerman'Johnson.... Johnson
it's MY explanation - and you'd probably bugger - that up....
I'm talking about between your ears....a psychiatrist or counseller might find it a bit draughty and cavernous in there - not many emotions knocking about....might look like a scene out of M.I.B? your body is working’s just NOT YOU who’s working it - or you wouldn't be so square one minute and then come out with one of your howlers....the next, the two do not sit right, together, one is an invading personality....

Bill Johnson to Chris Saxton
Chris, I get this feeling you have lost confidence in me, I have concluded that this lack of confidence in me was instigated by my lack of belief in these entities you say you have had discourse with. You say you’ve have been in contact with these ‘Beings’ or whatever monicker you use to identify them with, well that’s fine by me.
I have no idea what M.I.B is so I am unable to comment on that.
You say I’m not working my body, well it’s the first I’ve heard about it, I would appreciate it if you could supply additional information with regards to that strange phenomena.