Monday, 12 June 2017

Religion - Prayer- Confession

Bill Johnson to Bestlogic
Bestlogic, I realise your faith is personal to you but the question is…Why do you find it necessary to spend all this time in worship and what makes you think that you are being heard when you pray by some supernatural spirit?
With regards to myself I had no say in whether I was born or not, and in most case’s people have no choice when it comes to their religion, their customs and beliefs.
Why is it in religion there is alway some form of ingrained violence, resulting veils of tears cruel sacrifice torture and murder, martyrdom, suffering, anguish and pain and not forgetting punishment just for being alive but in the wrong faith?
Why should a God who some people believe exists and is omnipotent and who we are led to believe created all thing who is loving and caring and forgiving want to create a place like Hell and damn those people we are told this God loves and cherishes?
It doesn’t make sense does it?
It’s a total contradiction.
What on earth would anyone who says they believe in God want to in a confessional box for 25 minutes pouring out their sin’s to another human?
And if the Devil did exist…why fight it…just leave it alone.