Sunday, 25 June 2017

By reason alone you can know...

Bill Johnson to  Mark Rome
What do you consider to be a serious philosophical debate?
To have a debate with a philosophical curve to it then you must  seek out people who’s live’s are based on reason and logic and who have a sensible grasp of what the realities of life are all about, you cannot continue a debate with someone who will not accept anything other than blind faith, all that happens is you just end up going round and round in circles recycling the same old stuff, that’s the main reason there is always so much friction between different faiths most cannot even agree to disagree.                       
You say that by reason alone you can know that there is a God, then  how is it through reason alone you know there is a God?
Is it reasonable to believe that the faith you have in God is so strong that if you prayed to be saved while in the process of falling from an aircraft at many thousands of feet then you would be saved by God?
Is the trust you have in your God that strong?
I’m sure some parents have desperately prayed for a lost child to be found alive or a child to recover from an illness only for those prayers not to be heard…I wonder why that is?
You say you are not sure if I am an atheist, I would have thought that considering religion on the whole with all the different cultures and customs and strong beliefs then everyone must in some way or other be an atheist.