Thursday, 8 June 2017

Day in and Day out

Bestlogic to Tommy Chan
Tommy Chen stay away from your temptations.. like tv ..internet porn. etc... pray lords prayer when tempted.. and get to jesus sacraments... fast abit more. take communon alot.. get to mass as much as possible this will reduce sin grip having jesus blood in u.. lust etc is strong but just get away from your room go exercise and get mind off lust... look up st michael prayer and lords prayer pray them when u get tempted... fight it..jesus will help u.. ask him take ur desires away... ill pray for you...
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Bill Johnson to Bestlogic
Do you believe that we should pray day in and day out, and if we didn’t pray and confess and go to communion that we would all perish, and that there would be no charity, ethics, solace, philosophy etc; for us all to enjoy?