Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Educated in Religion

Prettymochame to Bill Johnson
Sir I mean no disrespect but you are not educated on religion. 
Your entire statement is absolutely incorrect but debating God's word is futile. 
I can however debate what you know of history and it's relation to religion. 
I can also debate your knowledge of the world we live in and the history you know to be true. 
I don't think that's necessary, you may have spoken out of turn but surely once you reread you can see room for some editing. 

Bill Johnson to Prettymochame
Prettymochame, how do yo know I am not educated on religion, I could easily say the same thing about you.
The problem is that you are adamant in the word of your God, so I agree with you that debating your faith would be pointless, simply because you would reject any questioning of your God, reason and logic are incompatible with religion or shall we call it the supernatural, and therefore it would be a fruitless exercise.
What about all the religious history that we know is impossible to be true?