Saturday, 10 June 2017

General Election - Conservative victory

Bill Johnson - General Election
The way the results of this weeks general election have been been reported, and still are been reported, you would have thought that Labour had won the election, and despite all the disappointments that overalled the Conservative party the Prime Minister and others must have felt that their performance on the hoof was dismal to say the very least, nevertheless it was the Conservative’s that achieved victory, and Labour and all the rest trailed behind and can only be labelled losers, but anyway let Jeremy wallow in his vain glory for a while, I suppose he deserves some praise for his canvassing skills, but of course all his parties efforts and spurious promises were of course built on half truths and innuendo, just a lot of pie in the sky to fool people with unaffordable promises that cannot and never will be implemented.

Vegetableman67 to Bill Johnson
Enjoy you ‘Victory’

Botsanne to Bill Johnson
The manifesto was costed and financially reviewed. I think you must be thinking of another party with your 'half truths and inuendos' . Had there not been an unneeded leadership election after the referendum, when the focus should have been on the implications of brexit, and had the right of the party respected the will of the members, perhaps the party would have started the election campaign in a better state. There may not even been an election had Labour looked stronger.General Election