Friday, 9 June 2017

General Election - Conservative win

Bill Johnson
Labour are celebrating a defeat, now isn’t that amazing? they lost the election yet are acting in such a way that you would think it was a great victory they had pulled off, when what they have done is lost the election.Now things may not be what Teresa May was hoping for and I expect that UK politics are going to be something like a mixed bag of spanners for quite some time, but one thing is certain despite Jeremy’s partial success, the Labour party are not in anyway capable of winning a General election if another is called in the near future, so unless they can get themselves sorted out, and in the process of getting sorted out get rid of Jeremy and replace him with a credible leader that all Labour members of Parliament respect and are willing to support, Hillary Benn would be a far better prospect for Labours future success if he was leader, Labour must change big time because if they do not they will remain the dross of Westminster and will have to accept the fact that they must remain in opposition ad-infinitum.

  • Jakar to Bill Johnson
  • rubbish, despite piss weak Guardian support and the full force of a united right wing press, Labour
  • have gained seats and May has lost her authority. How can that not be seen as a victory for Corbyn?
  • Hillary Benn is a glove puppet.

  • SchrantGapps to Bill Johnson
  • This isn't a presidential election. 
  • We return MPs to the house, and they vote on legislation put
  • before them. Labour are in a much better position then they were yesterday.

  • John Davidson to Bill Johnson
  • now im no psychic but im willing to guess a stroll through your comment post might 
  • show a history of talking shite and being wrong? a prediction i imagine even pollsters might make

  • JoeAndTheBoys to Bill Johnson
  •  dear, you're not very good at seeing the trends are you?   
  • Now that Corbyn has survived the personal abuse and trashing attempts, the next election, 
  • probably in October may be of a more grown up nature and we can discuss the real issues rather
  • than  his having to defend a lot of pointless slagging versus vacuous slogans from the right.

  • SdKfz171 to Bill Johnson
  • You must have seen a completely different election result. Maybe you find a newspaper from that universe to comment in.