Sunday, 25 June 2017

I assume nothing

Bill Johnson to Carm Videos
Carm Videos, I assume nothing! and my reply is simply out of courtesy, and neither am I complaining, and neither do I care one single iota if you do or if you do not reply to every comment that you receive in you daily activities, or if you reply to all those different videos and emails that you say people send to you, you obviously didn’t realise that all that information you supplied to me in the first part of your comment is of no interest to me, and more importantly is certainly of no use to me whatsoever.. If you had never read the Bible or let’s say even if the Bible had never existed would you still believe that there was a God, and do you believe that the sins of a culpable person can be forgiven if those sins are loaded onto some innocent person and then punish that innocent person for the sins of another? Its a crazy world in which we live full of religious cranks, some them still believe in the imminent end of the world like its expressed in the Bible, but according to the Bible the apocalypse should have taken place some 2,000 years ago, it’s all absurd laughable nonsense. The world of the theist abounds with nonsensical stories and prophesies that so many people still take for granted…some people of faith for example say that time came into existence when God created everything, now that tells me God cannot be infinite, of course that’s just one simple observation but I’m sure you are aware that there are many more absurdities in the religious mix, but nonetheless I do expect you will feverishly search in your book to attempt to find some reply that you quote so avidly from, that very same book that so many people are completely and utterly fooled by, here I would like to emphasis that I definitely do not include you in that remark when I say ‘fooled’ because you probably know already that this book’s content consist of a great deal of dubious nonsense that was written by numerous dubious characters of days gone by…isn’t that correct? Anyway isn’t it a shame that there are remaining on this planet of ours so many people who are still being taken for a ride and fleeced of their earnings by so few hypocrites?…I must say that although they are hypocrites, fools they are not…what they are in fact is scammers and nor-do-well swindlers who are quick to see an opportunity that will enable them to forge an easy way of life that will provide for them a substantial income… after all it is money that make the world go around.