Friday, 16 June 2017

Labour in opposition

Bill Johnson
It’s patently obvious that Labour will be remaining in opposition for quite a while yet, even Labours most loyal members will tell you that.
Labour is not electable and the reason why they are not electable is because of the present leadership, Labour have only themselves to blame for this enormous gaff when they foolishly shot themselves in the foot by casting their vote the way they did resulting in Jeremy Corbyn taking over the helm and leading the party along with John McDonnell into another ignominious election defeat. 
Labour these day’s is full of free loaders and mobs itching to get on the streets and light the flames of insurrection, Labours left are packed up to the rafters with shed loads of subterfuges schemes and tactic’s, the manifesto they produced for this years general election should have been titled ‘Forward to the Past’.
So where does that leave Labour now after losing the General election?
Well at the present moment all you can see them doing is desperately grasping at straws and trying to appease the minorities while at the same time seeking succour from the unions.