Monday, 12 June 2017

Labour is stagnating

Bill Johnson
 The problems for Labour are immense and they are far from being resolved, and waiting ominously in the wings ready to ambush Jeremy are the soon to be the next leaders of a possible but only maybe a credible new Labour opposition, an opposition that might be able to confront the Conservative government with respect and credibility instead of what’s on offer now, let’s be honest moderate Labour politician’s know perfectly well that Labour will never win any General Election with a party led by the extreme left who’s spurious policies may convince some gullible people that these promised policies are all sound and fair and that all and sundry will benefit enormously from them, but it’s nothing more than Goose-feathers, most are unaffordable dead end promises.
The result of the Conservative victory in this June’s General Election speaks volumes, it tell’s you that people have already rejected Jeremy and Labour in large numbers, the public know only too well that Labour will never have the remotest chance of any sort of victory for them to be able to form a responsible government whilst Jeremy and his band of left wing cohorts are in charge of the opposition.
The only reason Labour accumulated extra votes was because of the proliferation of lies and half truths that were spread like confetti on the election trail. 

Dreammulticolour to Bill Johnson
Not the case at all. The Labour moderates are (with a few notable exceptions) aligning behind Jeremy and seeking a place in the shadow cabinet. 
The opposition is credible and people voted for them because of that and their passion for what they believe in and policy platform to carry it on on behalf of the many not the few. 
Most people have now realised that the idea that Labour cannot win on a leftist platform is bunk and the people who needed to be inspired by it (the young) were inspired by it. 
The reason that Labour accumulated extra votes is that people were inspired by the vision they put forward rather than being told that we need to continually hand the country over to the rich and powerful to keep it working. 
Always amusing to see people describe this as a "Conservative victory". They have squeaked back into power based on an arrangement that destabilises both the Stormont power-sharing arrangement and the peace process. What happened to the one party state that was pretty much a foregone conclusion a few month's back?