Friday, 30 June 2017

More Questions

Bill Johnson to Mark Rome
Mark Rome, if God is actually what everybody is told God is purported to be, then you are wrong, you must have forgot that we are told that God can do anything, we are told God can be anything, that God is everywhere, that God can perform miracles, that God knows the future, so God must know the past before it even exists, so that tells me God is even a master of extreme logical and illogical contradiction. 
How do you know God doesn’t choose love?
How do you know God is love?
How do you know there is a God?
Where’s the ‘truth’ in preaching to people about a God that’s never been proven to exist?
Where is the ‘love’ that you say God is when we see all the suffering caused by conflict and natural disasters that continually occur around the world?
Maybe it wasn’t intended but your comment to me gives the impression that you know the mind of God.