Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Need I say more?

Bill Johnson
Labour policy doesn’t say what the people want, that’s a load of nonsense, but pay no heed it’s of no importance because thankfully Labour’s destructive policies are never going to be implemented in the first place, it’s as simple as that.
Need I say more? 

Sprout Sauce to Bill Johnson
No you can shut up and fuck off 

Jarrovian1949 to Sprout Sauce
Not in Corbyns name of course 

GreatestCat to Bill Johnson
Labour claptrap: you mean things like making corporations pay their taxes, protecting the environment, protecting workers from unscrupulous bosses, funding the NHS, funding schools properly, making sure the nation's infrastructure belongs to the nation, making sure young people leave university free of crippling debt. That sort of "claptrap" ???

Sprout Sauce to Jarrovian1949
IN mine 
Fuck off into the sea 

Devenei to Bill Johnson
Utterly destructive policies?

boutdesouffle to Bill Johnson
I’ll pay heed if I want to

boutdesouffle to Bill Johnson
How do you define "crippling"exactly
Details please

boutdesouffle to Bill Johnson
How are Labour's policies destructive then??
Pray do tell and provide good sources of evidence while you are doing so

boutdesouffle to Bill Johnson
But I say that you come across as very ignorant and unthinking
A Daily Mailista to your very unread core