Thursday, 15 June 2017

No surprise they lost...and they will lose again

Bill Johnson
It’s worth remembering that we all had a good laugh at Owen Jones when we learnt from Owen on 4-5-2015 that Russell Brand had endorsed Labour, and because of that endorsement the Tories should be worried...and Labour surprise there! 
And with Milliband leading the Labour party at the time that didn’t help Labour either, they encountered a devastating defeat at the hands of the Conservatives who dutifully took over the reins of the government once again.   
Will Labour never learn?
Just look who Labour have now elected to take over the helm from Milliband...Jeremy Corbyn.
A gross error if ever there was one, an error that most of the Labour hierarchy deeply regret, and make no bones about it Labour will gradually go from bad to worse and the decline will be inevitable unless they can ditch Jeremy along with most of the opposition front bench and the far left wing cronies he hangs out with.