Thursday, 15 June 2017

Not about Cults or Religion

Chris Saxton to Bill Johnson
Bill 'buggggggerman' Johnson we are not talking about belief systems or cults or religions....ALL that is bullshit - ONLY EXPERIENCE COUNTS.... who are you to demand that this man,or anyone....produces 'EVIDENCE' ....(just for the blind and brain-dead to pull apart)....the event is often traumatic - the person has is for learning and growth....but some people can NEVER speak about it or come to terms with it....
you WOULDN'T know about this - because MIMICS do not have these EMOTIONS....SCIENCE says there are atoms and quarks,space is this,this planet does that - but no one has ever been there or seen it first-hand....the particle accelerator/dark matter bullshit.... why spend billions on a machine that looks at/collects DARK MATTER, when nobody on earth USES or UTILISES the stuff? or do they? is technology THOUSANDS of years ahead of the rubbish they feed you OR was CERN built for something different entirely? like releasing the WATCHERS?....but your scientific PROGRAMMED mind will accept and believe ALL the SCIENCE MIMICS tell cannot prove the atom exists.... N.A.S.A. lies all the time....your science is part of the ILLUSION and is nothing but a bunch of THEORIES made to look like the 'facts' - by these inter-dimensional....all these top science people also have connections to the OCCULT/SATANISM (look at the creepy satanic rituals - when a new tunnel or something is built).why have those 'science people' got a statue of SHIVA,THE DESTROYER outside of the C.E.R.N. facility? you will egnore that these people brain-wash through language and C.E.R.N. is short for CERNUNNOS who is a fallen one....with you,it is NOT about FINDING THE TRUTH - I is about SELECTING THE PARTS which SUPPORT YOUR LIES....your DAEMONIC ATTACHMENTS - have PROGRAMMED this to be so and you are either too weak to resist, or go along with it for your own gain....either way,the end is the same....your comment is about YOU....YOU have just PROJECTED it onto another group of people....typical daemon tactics to hide among the living....
you will ARGUE ALL DAY LONG, but won't ever do any cannot accuse people of BLATANT LIES when you weren't there and you are a LIAR YOURSELF....the only one here,who plays the 'get out card' is you....YOU are UNREASONABLY asking...that jesus or grey aliens or big-foot will pose for a selfie with someone - or you won't 'believe'....this is like a strawman argument where you demand something you know can never be....even if they did get this impressive 'selfie' YOU would then say it was 'believe' is NOT to KNOW....
you will have to go and have these EXPERIENCES for yourself....
there is enough PROOF but YOU and your PROGRAMMING - out of fear and necessity - will keep turning it down.... the champion of hole digging is YOU....the universe DOESN'T NEED YOU TO are surplus to requirements - unless you CHOOSE to come on board....who is resorting to violence?

Bill Johnson to Chris Saxton
Chris, why is it you are interested in the You Tube video titled ‘Man was taken by God to see Hell and warn the world about sin’, if what you say at the start of your comment that it’s not about religion?
Your reference to all this not being about belief systems and cults etcetera doesn’t add up, all you write about is experience and lot’s of other mumbo jumbo.
I expect you still believe in projection, parasites, demons, attachments, inter-dimentionals, visitations, apparitions, watchers and all those other odd things that you say you’ve experienced.
Or have you decided not to believe in them…just for today…but tomorrow you will change your mind and once again you will believe in them?
I thought C.E.R.N. was to do with some sort of collider complex buried underground, you need to  tell me more about that.
Doing a selfie and producing it for evidence won’t do, it wouldn’t stand up to scientific investigation, photographs can be edited.
I do agree with you that I am surplus to requirements, I’ve also dug a few hole’s for myself, but then experience taught me how to avoid doing it too often.
You say ‘Come on board’, come on board to what?
You mention liar’s Chris, there is an abundance of them, the world is full of them, actually everyone tells lies even you, we can label anyone a liar, we have no need to have been present at the time, these shysters who think they are some sort of shapeshifter and try to fool people by making up fanciful fairy stories and fleece ignorant people of their money, they are the worst liars in my opinion, these con-men travel around  making public appearances for a fee and also write page after page of ridiculous stories that only a dummy would buy.
Of course there are lots of other people who maybe don’t make any money at all from all this nonsense but they still try to spread their non-sensical ideology via the internet and even in comments sections like this comment section here.
Violence…I was thinking about all those extremist religious fanatics, I’m sure you have heard of them, you may even have read about them…I certainly didn’t mean you.