Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Nothing harmful in KJV

prettymochame just T to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson, we worship God like most ppl and it's not a religion, it's faith in the creator. Most PPL, including the evil elite can't have it wrong, what if you do? Nothing harmful in KJV, just love and take care of each other so let him leave the ME philosophy to ppl who make up their own rules regardless the rest of us. Without Jesus Christ you'd be living a more nefarious existence than the one you live now. Where do you think your guide comes from, surely it’s not natural or we wouldn't have so many sociopaths.

Bill Johnson to prettymochame just T
prettymochame, what God do you worship?
When you say in your comment, ‘that most people can’t have it wrong’ that gives the impression of mass indoctrination into whatever faith you are referring to.
I suppose religion or faith however you want to call it does inspire some elements of society, it inspired artistic endeavour, good deeds, and many other things that have been a benefit to civilisation, but they are not unique to religion, without the belief in a God all those good works still existed and still do in secular society, and don’t forget the blame for most of the horror we see and read about in the world past and present can be left at the door of religion.
I must say that you could not be any further from the truth to suggest that I or anyone else would be living a life of crime if it wasn’t for Jesus Christ, that is nonsense, guidance come from experience of the world around you and the people you meet.
What theist’s believe is simply based on what so called prophets and the like preach parrot fashion and is still done to this day by Priests and Rabbi’s and Mullahs, it all comes from many scripture and text written years ago by people who said they heard voices in their heads, and had vision and revelations etc; all absurd nonsense.