Monday, 26 June 2017

Nothing to me is just a word...

Bill Johnson to Mark Rome
Mark Rome, in my world when you say there is ‘Nothing’ or read the word ’Nothing’ then what it means to me is the absence of one particular item or maybe a few items, or everything, but in reality there is no such thing as ‘Nothing’, because ‘Nothing’ in some scientific circles is described to be something, but to me ’Nothing’ just means what it say’s, so ‘Nothing’ just a word an everyday word we all use, and we all use the word ‘Nothing’ for a myriad of reasons.
If you want an explanation of ‘Nothing’ to try and justify the existence of a God then you need to find someone else to do that for you, because on that subject I have ’Nothing’ more to add.
If you think Thomas Aquinas hit the Jackpot with the publication of this list and proved beyond doubt that there existed a God by what he wrote or said then I think its up to you who’s got the task of informing all those who are in doubt over the existence of a supreme being  and how you came to such a conclusion.