Saturday, 17 June 2017

Residential tower block tragedy - London

Bill Johnson
Some of the people we saw demonstrating in London have no excuse for the anti-social behaviour they were responsible for, an irresponsible way to behave by some, you could see there was people amongst those protesters who seemed to be enjoying the chaos and probably hoping because of the disorder it would turn into a full blown riot, the community does not need that type of response to what is a heartbreaking tragedy. 
This horrendious fire and why so many peoples had to die needlesly is maybe going to take a long time to find out what all the facts really are and why this terrible fire spread with the speed it did making it practically uncontollable for the fire service to hold back the flame from spreading into an inferno, a terrifyingly horrendous sight, this was an unbearable situation for all those brave men and woman who did everything they possibly could to control and contain this fire.