Friday, 2 June 2017

May and Corbyn Q-A

Bill Johnson
The question and answer session with May and Corbyn turned out just like expected, pointless! I suppose though it was something of an improvement on the televised election debate earlier in the week, when the rowdy participants that took part in that fiasco excelled themselves in their ability to show everyone who bothered to listen or watch it... what a shouting match at it’s very best should be like.
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eastendlad72 to Bill Johnson
The debate earlier in the week was a fiasco. Everyone shouting over each other, the left wing audience thinking they were at a football match. Jezza looked like he was going to punch someone: it was angry Jez that night.

  • footballnew to Bigrunner
    Agree. That's why May did not appear. Makes the rest look like desperate fools. A parallel being "has beens" on celebrity big brother. Not that the Corbynistas will admit to that .

    MightyGibbon to eastendlad72
    You mean like that time the Tories chanted "'oo are ya! 'oo are ya!" at Corbyn in the House of Commons, the principle chamber of the Mother of Parliaments?

    eastendlad to MightyGibbon
    Don't remember that. I do however remember:
    Corbyn: "I spoke to my colleagues in other European socialist parties and do you know what they said?"
    Tories: "Who are you?!"
    Haha. Comedy gold..

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