Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Love is Hormones

Bill Johnson
The reality is that we are a mixture of flesh and bones, our consciousness stem’s from our brain, and love is hormones in a state of erratic flux. 
The reason we are who we are is by evolutionary chance and natural selection, and the fact that during that process we  developed a large brain and an opposable thumb. 
Why is there nothing from God in your Bible explaining that this planet of our spins and that it is spherical, not flat?
Why is it that this God never intervene’s and stops…or at the very least prevents disasters?
Why the delay of billion of years before creating humans?
And what about all those creatures that dominated the world for millions of years before humans? 
All that religion does is to teach children that they are unworthy sinners and that they must love God who will punish them if they dont,  these youngsters have no choice but to take in all this claptrap that is forced upon them, establishing for many of them permanent neuronic pathways that will haunt them all the day’s of their lives.
Don’t you think that’s a perfect recipe for a child to begin a life of obeisance, subservience, fear and shed loads of confusion?